Reviews sport equipment

On this page, we report about our experiences with our sport equipment. This part will be updated and completed from time to time.

Woodboard Split 138

Woodboard Split
Woodboard Split

Split the board, double your fun!
Motorcycling and kitesurfing.

Included were:

  • The Woodboard Split (138 x 44)
  • Fins
  • Pads and straps
  • Handle
  • Required screws
  • An Allen wrench

What was missing from the accessories was a screwdriver. This is needed to mount the fins, the pads and straps and the handle.

In order to transport everything safely on our motorcycles, we bought a splitboard bag from another manufacturer.

The assembly takes a little time at the beginning, a manual was not included. Learning by doing.

This is how we assemble the Woodboard Split:

  • Assemble the board with the 7 allen screws.
  • Align the pads on the board according to your preference and screw them onto the board together with the straps (a little fiddly).
  • Screw the handle onto the board (here washers or something similar are missing --> the handle doesn´t fit tightly on the board and has a little play).
  • Mount the fins.
  • Go out and have fun!

After a couple of times you will setup the board faster and you will be on the water earlier. The board planes early and goes really well upwind. Smaller waves or shorebreak are no problem. We (60Kg and 85Kg) use the board with 9m and 12m freeride / wave kites. The straps are easy to adjust with velcro, are comfortable when going out barefoot and fit with thicker neoprene shoes.

The screws are loosening a little. We tighten them a little before each kite.

Conclusion: For our skill level and for our trip the board is a great choice!

Nobile Kiteboarding Splitboard Easy Bag

To be able to take our kiteboard with us on our motorbike trip, we decided to use the Splitboard Easy Bag from Nobile Kiteboarding.


The bag has a large main compartment, a compartment in the lid and a smaller compartment on the bottom. All compartments have zippers, which are very well manufactured. Even after many kilometers in South and Central America, with often very high outside temperatures or even very heavy rainfall in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, these zippers still work like on the first day. The bag is not waterproof, but can withstand smaller rain showers. With its dimensions of 80 x 45 x 15cm it fits perfectly on the Yamaha. To secure it for the ride, we put it on the luggage rack and the side cases and lash it with two straps. The Easy Bag is a space miracle. We carry the following items in it: Our kite splitboard including pads, straps, fins, handle and mounting material, two long wetsuits, two pairs of neoprene shoes, a kite harness, two safety leashes, a kite bar, two lycra shirts, wax and fins for our surfboard and an empty 30-liter drybag. Another advantage is, the Easy Bag is slightly padded on all sides. A transport by plane to Australia was no problem. Our material arrived safe.


Conclusion: We can highly recommend the Splitboard Easy Bag from Nobile. The workmanship is great, the space inside is more than sufficient and also the airworthiness.

Dakine Compression Kitebag

We decided to buy the Dakine compression kitebag to stow our two kites on our motorcycles. The original kitebags from North Kiteboarding would have been way too big. Since we have a 9m (North Neo) and a 12m (North Neo) in our luggage, we decided to use the size XL of the kitebag in each case.

Because of the four compression straps per bag the pack size per kite is very travel and for us motorbike friendly. Our 12m kite comes packed in the Dakine bag with the following dimensions: 57 x 36 x 25cm. The compressed 9m kite to: 53 x 28 x 20cm. The 12m kite fits on the BMW, the smaller kite on the Yamaha.

With the attached shoulder strap on the bag the kites can be easily taken to the beach. The bags are not waterproof.

In the beginning we were a bit sceptical, because they are really just thin bags. But our initial doubts were unfounded. After more than 1.5 years on our motorbike trip and the four months in the camper van in Australia, we still can't notice any wear and tear. The workmanship of the bag and especially the compression straps are very good.


Conclusion: For the Dakine Kite-Compression Bag we can give an absolute recommendation to buy. Super pack size, very good finishing and recommended for kite trips of any kind.