Brazil 2016

Sunset in Tibau do Sul / Brazil
Sunset in Tibau do Sul / Brazil


November is one of the best travel months (in terms of wind conditions) for a kite and windsurf trip to Brazil. That’s why we escaped the wet and cold weather in Germany and flew to Natal, Brazil.


The year before we had already done a kite course in Sri Lanka, but we didn't feel so confident and decided to do another course in Brazil.


Our first destination was Tibau do Sul, near Pipa in the south of Natal. There we lived in a surf camp and went kiting, surfing or stand-up paddling every day. Unfortunately, Nici got a rib bruise on the third day, but thanks to painkillers she was able to continue surfing and kiting.


On some days, dolphins cavorted among the surfers and hunted for fish. A stand-up paddler was even pushed off the board because a dolphin jumped after a fish.


The area in the south of Natal is characterized by steep cliffs, long sandy beaches and high dunes. Tibau do Sul lies at the mouth of a lagoon surrounded by mangrove forests. Pipa is a fishing village that has become a small party place over the years. We´ve wanted to stay in Pipa for two days, but we quickly rejected the plan again.


After ten days in the south we went to the north of Natal, to Sao Miguel do Gostoso. Although only three hours away from Tibau, the landscape there looks quite different: mostly flat, with low dunes, partly reminiscent of Denmark. And above all countless windmills. We spent a total of six days there, five of them with windsurfing, the last day we rented a beach buggy and drove along the beach.


The last days in Brazil we slowly made our way back to Natal. Listening to Christmas carols on the radio at 30°C outside temperature was very bizarre. We visited the famous dune park and the most famous part of the capital: Ponte Negra.


Far too fast the three weeks ended and we sat again at the airport of Natal. But we will come back. The next time with own kite material in the luggage.