About us

2 motorbikes, 1 surfboard, kite & camping equipment - Follow us on our trip along the Panamericana!

NiuKa - That´s us!
NiuKa - That´s us!

NiuKa, behind that name are Nici and Kai. Since our studies in Innsbruck we have been pursuing our hobbies together.

Our common passions include camping, motorcycling, water and winter sports.

In 2018 we turned our long-cherished dream into reality. We quit our jobs and our flat and started into the adventure of
world travel. From Chile we will ride on our motorcycles along the west coast to Canada/Alaska.
Beside our camping equipment, we have a surfboard as well as our kite material in our luggage.
After the Panamericana we will continue to Australia and New Zealand. Whether with or without motorcycles will be determined by the money on our bank account.


Update 23.04.2020: Since we are travelling slower than expected, we stored the motorcycles in California at the beginning of November 2019 and travelled through Australia and Indonesia for four months. At the moment we are stuck in California because of the Corona crisis and don't know if we can continue the journey at all.

On this page we take you with us on our world trip, share our experiences of our previous camper life (vanlife). Furthermore we give impressions of our hobbies and the journeys connected with it.

Enjoy reading!


If you have a question or just want to leave a message, feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to your message.

E-Mail: info@niuka.de

By the way: We are not sponsored! We have worked out and bought everything ourselves.
Just because of a summer sale the jackets were 50% cheaper - therefore the partner look ;-)