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NiuKa - That´s us!
NiuKa - That´s us!

NiuKa - behind the name are Nici and Kai.


Since our studies in Innsbruck we have been pursuing our hobbies together:

In (self) converted vans we go windsurfing and surfing at lakes and seas, as well as skiing and hiking in the mountains. In the course of time, other joint activities were added, such as ski touring and kite surfing.

A few years later, Nici got infected by Kai's passion for motorcycling and got her motorcycle license in 2017.


In 2018, we turned our long-cherished dream into reality. We jumped into the adventure Panamericana. On our motorcycles we drove from Chile to North America. In the luggage we carried, in addition to the camping equipment, a surfboard and our kite material. After a year of motorcycle travel, we stored our motorcycles in Los Angeles and spent the winter of 2019 / 2020 in Australia and Indonesia. In March 2020, we were supposed to continue on our motorcycles to Alaska. But Covid-19 crossed our plans. We got stuck in "lockdown" in Los Angeles for four months waiting for the border to Canada to open. In the end, we had to end the trip and ship our motorcycles back to Germany.

On this page we take you with us on our world trip, share our experiences of our previous camper life (vanlife). Furthermore we give impressions of our hobbies and the journeys connected with it.

Enjoy reading!


If you have a question or just want to leave a message, feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to your message.

E-Mail: info@niuka.de

By the way: We are not sponsored! We have worked out and bought everything ourselves.
Just because of a summer sale the jackets were 50% cheaper - therefore the partner look ;-)