We´ve had the dream of doing a world trip since our studies. Either we didn´t have enough money or the timing was wrong. Is there the right time at all?

In 2018 we turned our dream into reality. We quit our jobs and apartment and started in October. Our motorcycles were picked up at the end of August and were sailing for 6 weeks in a container ship to Chile. The pick-up in Valparaiso / Chile took place on 22.10.2018. Being "free" from 01.10. we first went to Brazil. We visited Rio de Janeiro and the Iguazu waterfalls. After a short stop in Santiago de Chile we went on to Valparaiso. From there, we drove a bit to the south and after that, we will drive up the west coast to Canada and Alaska.


Update July 2020: The pandemic has also hit us. After 4 months in the lockdown in Los Angeles, we unfortunately had to end our trip.

Why we do the trip on motorbikes? We think, there is probably no more direct and intense way to travel. You can get in touch with the locals quickly and you are able to drive the narrowest way to the beach. We can also combine riding, camping, surfing and kitesurfing. Since we both don´t want to travel without our hobbies for such a long time, we decided, to take a surfboard and our kite-equipment with us.

Kai has a motorcycle driving licence since he was 18 years old and is a little bit more experienced than Nici. She has the motorcycle driving license since summer 2017. We both don´t have any offroad experience. "Learning by doing!"
But, we have more than 30.000Km time to learn...

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