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10.-18.10.2018 Warm-up in Brazil!

Iguazu Falls
Iguazu Falls

Since our motorcycles arrived on 22.10.2018 and we wanted to use the time before, we made a short trip to Brazil. But we didn't get very far at first. The flight from Lisbon to Rio was cancelled and in the middle of the night
we were taken to a hotel more than an hour away from the airport. So we unfortunately lost a whole (and above all sunny!) day in Rio.

Finally arrived in Rio it was pouring. Maybe just a summer thunderstorm? Unfortunately this was not the case, as we found out the next day. After a dry and sunny summer in Germany we first bought an umbrella in Rio.
At least for two days the weather was quite good and we were able to do the sightseeing: Escadaria Selarón, Cristo Redentor, Sugar Loaf and Ipanema Beach. Crist Redentor is definitely a must see! Unfortunately we didn't have a ticket yet and so the train to the summit was already full and the queue before was long. So we took the second option - the bus. This bus does not go to the summit, but you have to buy a ticket and take a second bus that goes to the summit. Also here the queue was too long for us and so we chose the way on foot. The landscape was quite nice and in 30 minutes it was possible to walk. At the top there was a crowd but at the right angle you could still take pictures.


For the sugar loaf we needed two approaches - the first time stubborn fog covered the mountain. Fortunately we dared a second attempt, even if the queue was long again. The view is really unique and the coffee affordable. Afterwards we went to the two most famous beaches of Rio: Ipanema Beach and Copacabana. Although some houses are a bit dilapidated, new hotels adorn the streets in between and life mostly takes place on the beach. Sadly, our accommodation turned out to be an almost 24h party hostel! There was no peace to think of. For a short time we thought about going somewhere else, but didn't want to spend more money.


For us, Rio is a must see and we really liked it very much. So much nature, the beaches, the pulsating life. We also felt very safe, even in the dark.

After three days we went on to Foz do Iguazu to admire the famous waterfalls. On the first day we had some bad luck with the weather again, but were able to have a look at the area. Our room in the cheap hostel had (lucky us) a water damage and so we were relocated and upgraded to the Partner Pousada. We would recommend to look at both sides, the Argentinean and the Brazilian. Since our accommodation was on
the Brazilian side and the visit of the Argentinean side of the waterfalls was accompanied by a border crossing, we chose the organized transport via the hotel with a driver who stopped at the border crossings and helped us. You can also go by bus, but you don't only have to change buses, you also have to get off at the Brazilian border to officially leave (stamp out!). After that, you have to take the next bus to get to the Argentinean border and enter (stamp in!) to finally be able to continue. So we saved no money with the transport of the hotel, but a lot of time and nerves. The Argentinean side is equipped with some beautiful trails which are all worth it. You always get a different view of the waterfalls. Due to the higher expenditure of time and the many trails to walk, you have to plan a whole day for this side of the waterfalls.


The Brazilian side can be easily reached by bus from Foz. You have to accept a long queue when you arrive there. Only one bus goes through the park (10km) to the waterfalls. We had considered to walk for a short time, but in view of the tarred road in the blazing heat we were glad to have chosen the bus. Not all trails are included in the price. The view to the waterfalls is most extensive here and if you are lucky the sun comes out at the right moment and you see a rainbow in the spray. Directly in front of the waterfalls you will find a path with a viewing platform.
It is guaranteed to get wet here, but it is a great experience. Only a waterproof camera or mobile phone is necessary. On the last day in Foz do Iguazu the weather unfortunately didn't go along any more, but the most important thing, the waterfalls, are checked.


On the flight to Chile we had some bad luck again. This time we got stuck in Foz do Iguazu for two hours because of a storm. Unfortunately we missed our connecting flight in Sao Paulo and arrived in Santiago de Chile in the middle of the night.